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True Romance

Nestled on the remote outskirts of Prague, hidden among forests and circled by rivers, lies Czech millionaire Kristof Cale's breathtaking mansion. This mysterious businessman rarely invites women over, preferring to do his wooing outside his ritzy bachelor pad. But tonight, lucky lady Niki Sweet is getting an intimate tour! Sipping from crystal glasses, the couple sits together in candlelight, gazing adoringly into each other's eyes. Gentle flirting soon dissolves into deep kisses, as Niki slips Kristof's cock out of his trousers for an energetic blowjob. Now fully erect and throbbing with lust, the handsome gent playfully tosses his lover onto the couch. Then, the real fun begins! Kristof takes Niki on a marathon of orgasmic pleasure, until both spent and breathless, he gifts her bushy pussy with a rich, creamy cumshot!