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Tension - S8:E6

Holly Michaels gets up early to cook breakfast for her man Bruce Venture, but the moment the two meet their eyes, the sexual tension turns into passion. Holly and her boyfriend run upstairs and meet on the bed, exchanging passionate kisses and ripping off each other's clothes with wild energy.

Taking off Bruce's pants, Holly wasted no time getting down on all fours and wrapping her lips around his long cock. Things stay wild as the brunette climbs her man's body to kiss him again before resuming her interrupted cock sucking.

When she's ready to take another step, Holly crawls up Bruce's body and sits her thong pussy on his erection. Happy to accept the blatant invitation, Bruce strips Holly down as quickly as he can and then slides into her shaved pussy in a spoon pose that makes her big tits shake.

Things get rough as Bruce sets a hard fast pace and squeezes and kneads his woman's tits with his big hands. His hand slides down Holly's neck in a powerful sign of obsession that makes the brunette totally obey.

She rolls over onto her belly, so her juicy ass and bald pussy are open to hard penetration. From around the corner, Holly groans almost instantly and gasps with pleasure. As the pretty student lifts her ass higher in the air, her man stands on tiptoe for a new angle of penetration that soon turns into doggy style sex. Holly just can't get enough whimpering about her adoration as her first orgasm sweeps over her.

At the urging of her man, Holly climbs onto his lying body and slides a wet slit onto his waiting cock. She begins with enthusiasm on horseback, but soon her beau takes control again and enters and exits the welcoming warmth of his female scabbard. Too much friction, and Holly flushes with passion again.

Now that she's been satisfied twice, Holly isn't selfishly trying to get her pleasure back. She kneels to wrap her warm, eager lips around Bruce's cock and then alternates wet pressure, fucking her man with a channel between her copious tits. It doesn't take long for Bruce to lose control and cum on Holly's full breasts, showering her with his love.

However, Bruce is not finished yet. Laying Holly on her back, he kneels between her spread legs and greedily licks her bald pussy with his fingers. He knows how to push Holly's buttons, bringing her to another climax and leaving her completely full.